Already running a successful business? Want to know if a podcast can help your marketing?

The aspect of podcasting I love more than anything is engaging with listeners and having them contact me about my shows. People really are getting into podcasting in a big way, and it packs a much bigger punch than blogging.

The great thing is that, especially in the UK, there are entire industries and sectors without any truly high quality podcasts. There is a gap in the market for your voice, for your business, for your customers.

They are crying out for this content, even if they don't yet know it.

Meal being cooked
Which hosts are totally free?

When you are starting out is is tempting to pick a free host, and most people do. Luckily it is super easy to move your podcast later on to any host.

What are the key questions?

The questions are the same for all podcasters, but everyone has their own answers. Our matrix works for all.

What else is useful to know?

Analytics, or who is listening and in what countries, what apps they use... the list is long, but the guide will help you ask the right questions.

Why Me? Why You?

I'm Paul and I love podcasting, but I'm an IT consultant with decades of experience of technology. I recognise how daunting it can be to start something like this, and that the moment of greatest fear is in letting your very personal voice out into the world. That gets easier with time, and it can sometimes seem like the technical options are simply baffling. I started podcasting around 2006 when Apple was the only show in town, and the tools were even more difficult than they are today.

I believe that anyone with time and persistence can learn some basic skills and get involved. Let's prove it!



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